SMS R US API Developer Hub
Secure, Powerful and Effortlessly easy SMS API to send and track SMS immediately
Welcome to SMS R US API Developer Hub. SMS R US is a platform for building your own messaging app using our messaging infrastructure. Exchange text in the programming language you use and you will find comprehensive guide and documentation to help you start working with SMS R US.
Better Delivery Rate
Carrier network can be volatile which is why our adaptive routing algorithm redirect traffic via the fastest and most secure alternative routine.
More Security and Lower Latency
Normally an SMS goes through multiple hops before reaching its destination, increasing latency. We have fixed this problem and heightened our security by building our own direct to carrier network.
Quality Service
Control your spend to expensive destinations through our real time cost reconciliation to ensure you will never run out of credit.
Powerful API Primitives

When you click “send SMS” a request is initiated to SMS R US to deliver an SMS to the provided phone number and server sends a related message to the phone number. One click to integrate and send your message through your app[username]&pwd=[password]&src=[senderID]&dst=[Mobile%20NO.]&msg=[Message]